Monday, September 9, 2013

Truth be told

There is NO way around this. Life is hard.

Last year, when I was an obese SAHM of two, I struggled to eat right and workout. This year, I am back to being a WOHM (teacher) of two (very busy) kids and wife to a crazy hubby! Now I struggle to find time to balance everything. 

  • Working out.
  • Meal prepping.
  • Hanging out with my kids.
  • Hanging out with my hubby.
  • Sleeping.
  • Talking to friends.
  • Working my home business.
  • Keeping everything straight at work (3 different schools).
Life is hard no matter what job you have. 

I'll admit, I've struggled a bit lately. Not to the point that I struggled this past April when I went back to work. Wanna know what happened then? Honestly, I didn't workout for 2 MONTHS straight! 

Yup - I'm admitting it. Life got the best of me. I ate clean, drank my shakeology, but I was just couldn't find the time to workout with everything else. Because of my clean eating and shakeology, I didn't gain a single pound back. IN fact, I lost another 3 pounds. Good thing that the words in this pic are true:

This fall it's a COMPLETELY different story. There is one thing that I REFUSE to negotiate on each day - my workout. I NEED it to function properly. I decided to do what I HATE doing. I wake up at 5am to workout. That's the only way I can GUARANTEE that I get my workout in. I also realized this:

BUT - You know what happened this morning? I had my alarm set for 4:50, 5:00, 5:05, 5:10, and 5:15. I turned ALL 5 ALARMS OFF! I woke up at 6:57 and had to get myself and my 15 month old ready to leave at 7:15. It was a CRAZY morning! But I did it.

Needless to say, I did NOT workout this morning. 

So, instead of falling into a "boo hoo, poor me" slump, I laced up as soon as I got home and NAILED Dynamic Core :) I feel like a new woman!

So, let the truth be told. COACHES AREN'T PERFECT. We are human and life gets in the way sometimes. We struggle daily too! It's all about how we deal with those little bumps that make us who we are. Are you going to let your little bumps define you or are you going to define who you are in spite of those little bumps?

Diamond Beachbody Coach

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