Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve thoughts

I'm deviating from my fitness posts. This is a life post. This is my life. I was gonna post it on FB but it ended up being more of a blog post - so here it is:

My favorite time of the year has ALWAYS been Sept - Dec. There's Friday night football games (I'm a band geek in case you forgot - it's all about the band), Halloween,  Veteran's Day (complete with a parade with marching bands - haha!), Thanksgiving (and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade complete with marching bands), and then Christmas! It's such a magical time of year. 

I remember being GIDDY with excitement on Christmas Eve. It didn't matter about Santa for me, it was just such a MAGIC time of year! My favorite part was GIVING people their gifts. I LOVE seeing peoples faces when they get a gift that just "fits" them. It's never really been about Santa for me. It's more of the spirit of Santa.

Suddenly I was all grown up and married. Christmas was still a blast because I made it that way. Gifts for everyone and family all around. Again, it's just MAGIC!

Then I had kids. The first few years were boring. Little ones just like to rip up wrapping presents. But still I couldn't WAIT to instill the magic into my kid(s) eyes.

Now that my son is 4.5 years old, I can truly see the meaning of Christmas. In fact, he JUMPED out of bed this morning with me and said "MOM - IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!" He was is so excited. He's sitting here as I type this and workout just chatting away about how Santa is coming tonight. Heck, he's even singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." He has been SQUEALING with delight for a few days now. 

I CANNOT WAIT to see how today progresses. Our Elf brought new pj's for the kids. He told them that he doesn't need his magic tonight cause he is flying back with Santa, so the kids can PLAY WITH HIM and TOUCH HIM today. Wyatt's gonna freak out! Then it's off to Grammy's to spend Christmas Eve with the Levere/Bintrim family. More magic. You can bet we'll be tracking Santa all day. Heck, Wy was already looking for him outside this morning! Then it's time to sprinkle the reindeer food, and lay out the cookies (the full sugar version!), carrots, and milk. I anticipate that it's gonna take Wyatt a LONG time to fall asleep tonight. 

I remember the feeling that he is experiencing like it was yesterday. Wyatt is truly his mothers' son. I hope the magic NEVER goes away for him <3 

and just so you know - I'm literally crying as I type this. That's how excited I am. I love seeing this time of year through my sons' eyes. <3

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