Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Background and 30 day results

In reality, my journey began a very long time ago. I've ALWAYS had an unhealthy relationship with food. It is my comfort. The one thing that has always been there for me.

But this leg, the FINAL leg of my journey began back in June when I delivered my daughter. I gained 45 pounds with this pregnancy. I was completely depressed about it because I had only gained 17 pounds with my son. In fact, with my son, I ended up lighter after delivery than I was before I even got pregnant!

By the time the end of August rolled around, I was deep into the throws of my depression. When I'm depressed, guess what I do, I EAT! And I don't eat good stuff, I eat junk. Lucky Charms, donuts, cookies, pasta - well, you get the idea. It's really embarrassing to even admit this stuff. I could down an entire box of Lucky Charms in one sitting! When we made mac and cheese for my son, we made 4 BOXES at a time! 4 BOXES!!! And it would be gone just as fast as we could make it!

No wonder I was gaining weight AFTER I delivered the baby.

So, I did what I do best. I turned to Pinterest (my favorite!) to look for good, healthy ideas. As I was pinning my little (or big - however you want to look at it) heart away, I was getting the attention of an old and dear friend.

Dani (who would later become my coach) messaged me one night and asked me about the baby and life. We had a really nice chat! At the end she mentioned that she saw that I was pinning healthy recipes and asked what my reason was for wanting to get healthy. I went through the whole deal with her and she said that when I was ready to make a change, I should let her know because she could help.

I told her thanks and didn't give it another thought.

But something kept nagging me. I was NOT this fat person who everyone saw. I was so much more than that. It's just that no one could see it.

Dani posted a deal on Facebook for a Teacher Shakeology special. I had wanted to try it, so I jumped on it! Within a few days I had my 5 packets of Shakeology and used one pack daily to replace a meal. I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt at the end of the 5 days. I wasn't bloated anymore!

I messaged Dani and asked some more questions about Beachbody, her upcoming challenge, and all the costs involved. With me being off work, taking on an extra expense was going to be REALLY hard, but I decided that my health IS WORTH IT!

I DECIDED to jump right in and ordered my ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge pack on September 13th. I made the COMMITMENT to eating clean, working out as per the program, and drinking my Shakeology daily. I started eating clean on September 15th and I haven't looked back!

When my program and Shakeology arrived the next week I couldn't wait to start. Dani convinced me to wait for the Challenge to actually start before I jumped into the workouts. So, I just stuck to eating clean and drinking my shakes till Oct. 1.

I started the workouts as scheduled and had to push pause every 5 minutes. I was so embarrassed defeated. Somehow I managed through, ate clean that day and got up and did it all again the next day. Each time I pushed play, the workout got a bit easier I got stronger. Each day, the clean eating got easier. Something was changing, wait that's not right, I WAS CHANGING.

I just hit my 30 day mark and am proud to say that I am down 4.75 inches and 19 pounds total! That 19 pounds is from Sept. 15 till now. About 11 of those pounds have come off since I started working out on Oct. 1.

I am so PUMPED to see what the rest of this program is going to bring. I'm not ready to post my before/during pics yet, but I promise, I will post them some day. I want everyone to see just how far I've come. And mark my word - I'M GOING TO GET THERE!


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