Friday, April 4, 2014

How do you rank advance as a Beachbody Coach?

This has to be another one of the most popular questions I get from people! So, I thought I'd take a minute and break it down for you!

When you first sign up as a Beachbody Coach, you have a title: Coach. 

Within that Coach rank, you can be an active coach or an inactive coach.
  • An active coach keeps 50 pv (personal volume) every 35 days and pays their business fee each month ($15.95). That means that you have either purchased or sold something that carries a value of 50 pv within the past 5 weeks. That's very easy to do, especially if you drink Shakeology daily!
  • An inactive coach is someone who does NOT have 50 pv every 35 days but still keeps up on their business fees each month. In order for an inactive coach to become active, you have to purchase or sell something worth that 50 pv. Then you are good to go for another 35 days.

The next step after the Coach rank is EMERALD RANK. Once you hit Emerald, you being to Cycle Bonus. I'll do another post on how to earn money as a beachbody coach later! An Emerald Coach has three requirements they must meet:
  • 50 pv every 5 weeks
  • Two Personally Sponsored (PS) active coaches, one on each leg.
  • Paid business fees each month.

Here's a little visual aid for the visual learners:

The second step in rank advancing is to become a RUBY COACH. A Ruby Coach has three requirements they must also meet:
  • 75 pv every 5 weeks
  • Four (4) active PS coaches, two on each leg. One coach on each leg must also rank advance from Coach to Emerald Coach. 
  • Paid business fees each month

Again - for the visual learners:

The third step in Beachbody Rank Advancing is to become a DIAMOND COACH. A Diamond Coach also has three requirements.
  • 100 pv every 5 weeks
  • Eight (8) active PS coaches, four (4) on each leg. One coach on each leg must be an active, paid Emerald Rank.
  • Business fees paid monthly

Here's the visual:

Wanna see all them put together in one pretty picture???

Once you hit Diamond Coach status, things start to get really fun! Now, in order for you to rank advance further, you must become a leader. You must help YOUR TEAM rank advance. There are 14 more rank advancements that can happen, 1 star through 15 star (also known as Super Star) Diamond.

In order to rank advance from Diamond to 1 Star Diamond, you must add two more PS active coachs to your downline and help a PS coach achieve Diamond status themselves. Instead of me explaining each and every Star Diamond rank requirement, take a look at the following pictures. The explain it WAY better than I ever could!

1 - 5 Star Diamond Rank Advancement:

6 - 10 Star Diamond Rank Advancement:

11 - 15 Star Diamond Rank Advancement:

Along with rank advancing, there are opportunities to earn bonus' at each level. The benchmarks for bonus' are at 2 Star, 5 Star, 10 Star, and Super Star ranks. Again, I'll explain this more later on. Let's just say that you want to hit these benchmarks as soon as possible!

So now you know how to rank advance in Beachbody. NOW WHAT? 

That's easy! Join my team! Help other people help themselves while you help yourself! It's a win-win situation! Just fill out the application below and I will be in touch very soon! I can't wait to talk to you!

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