Monday, October 6, 2014

P90 Sculpt A Modifications

This morning I did P90 Sculpt A again. I must admit - I LOVE this workout. Seriously. Anyone can do it and anyone can sweat during it. Speaking of anyone doing P90 - do you know who this program is geared for??? ANYONE!!!

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Here are some of the modifications that I do during the workout. Some are because I need the modification and some are so that I don't shake the house and wake up the kids - HAHA!


In the warm-up, the only real modification that I make is that I don't jog during the jog. I step with high knees. You see, I workout in my living room, which is on the same floor as our bedrooms. Actually it's on the same floor as everything because we live in a ranch house. So, when I'm working out in the mornings, I try not to jump because I don't want to wake the tiny humans sleeping in the bedrooms down the hall.

In other warm-up exercises, I follow the modifier. Like the press jacks. Again, I do this because I don't want to jump and shake the house. Yes. I shake the house when I jump. I would feel bad about it except my 50 pound 5 year old also shakes the house when he jumps around.

Workout modifications:

For the workouts, I generally use modifications to make the workouts harder. I go down lower in lunges. I squat lower and further back into my heels. I push further forward in Rocker Launcher Stance instead of being more upright.

A few examples of modifications to make this workout easier - when you do your two sets of push-ups, if you can't do them on your toes, do them on your knees. Then try one on your toes. Try to add one extra push-up on your toes each time you do the workout.

If you have trouble in the Rocket Launcher Stance - just stand up straight and do the exercise. As Tony always says "Do you best and forget the rest". I mean - you ARE working out! You aren't just sitting on the couch watching the DVD's!

For the Skier Squats - a way to modify to make them more challenging, put 5 pound weights in your hands while you squat. Then you will be working your shoulders and adding 10 extra pounds to your squatting body weight.

I am following the Sculpt schedule - so here is what my workout calendar is going to look like:

If you need more ideas on how to make any of the moves more challenging or easier, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at If you don't have a coach and would like to work with me for accountability and support, again feel free to comment below or email me at the above address!

Good luck and remember - YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


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