Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 2 Insanity Review

Things are starting to change. I am not dreading my workouts anymore. In fact, I might actually be enjoying them. But don't tell anyone. I will deny it. I am a lifting girl at heart ;)

This week brought more of the first month DVDs: Cardio Power and Resistance, Pure Cardio, Cardio Recovery, and Plyometrics Cardio Circuit. 

I am discovering that my favorite workout really is Pure Cardio. As I was doing it this morning, I was trying to figure out why I like it so much. I came to the decision that I like that the exercises don't repeat! You do one minute of each exercise and then you are DONE with that exercise. Sometimes it's really hard for me when I have to do a circuit 3 times. Especially when I don't like some of the exercises (can we say HIGH KNEES? I friggin HATE high knees!)!

My one new workout this week was Cardio Abs. Honestly, the first part of the workout was easy. It was a lot of jumping like in the typical Insanity workouts. The tough part came when we had to do floor work. Did I mention that there is NOT one crunch in this entire workout??? There were lots of leg lifts, c-sits, and other crazy stuff. I'm not sure how I'm gonna feel tomorrow, but I'll let you know when I post my second fit test results, which will be tomorrow! 

I really can't believe that I'm already done with two weeks of Insanity. I honestly never thought I'd make it through the first week.

Oh - a few more things! 

#1 - The HORRIBLE soreness that I experienced in week one has subsided in week 2. I am able to function really well, yet I still feel my muscles being worked. I REALLY think that drinking my R&R after each workout is making a HUGE difference!

#2 - I have not lost a single pound.  Not one. I fact, I have gained a pound. BUT my pants are fitting better. I am feeling like I'm losing some of my stomach fat. Only time will tell, but I'm excited. I've heard from others that during the first month of Insanity, the weight loss is minimal but you are building muscles and losing fat. I can't wait to see what week 3 brings!!!


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