Friday, June 28, 2013

Insanity Fit Test Number 2

Today was a big day in my world. I never, in a million years, thought I'd ever even do Insanity, let alone get to the second fit test.

Well, today I did it, and man I OWNED it! I seriously can't believe all the progress I made in just two short weeks!

When I started out, I thought I was going to die. This workout program is called Insanity for a REASON!

Here are my results from my first Fit Test on June 9th:

I have to admit, I was pretty darn happy with those results. I mean, look at those push-up jacks! I did 14 of them on the first day! I know that the globe jumps look pretty wimpy but YOU should try them and let me know how you did ;)

So, for two weeks, I worked my BUTT off. I did ALL of these exercises at some point each week during the workouts. I was sure that I was sweating a LOT but I wasn't sure that I was making any progress. 

Today (Sunday) marks two weeks of Insanity. It was time to do the fit test again. I have to admit - I was nervous. I jumped out of bed this morning and just went down the basement and did it. Actually, I stopped in the bathroom to weigh myself first. I was down .2 pounds. I know, it's not a lot of movement, but I FEEL different. 

So, here's TODAY'S fit test results, along with some crazy pics of myself and an accountability pic of the scale. I have to admit. I'm pretty proud of my results :)

Here they are:

How 'bout DEM APPLES??? Holy Improvement! Seriously! I can't believe that I crushed the fit test! I am actually looking forward to working out for the next two weeks just so I can do the fit test again to see my next set of results!



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