Wednesday, August 28, 2013

T25 Beta Week 1 Review

Last week was one of my FAVORITE weeks of working out EVER! Although I LOVED the Alpha Phase of T25, after 5 weeks, I was ready for some new workouts. I also knew that the Beta Phase involved weights. If you know me, you know that I LOVE lifting weights. It's my first love <3.

Before I give you my first week Beta review, I must remind you that the T25 sale is only good through this Saturday (8/31) at midnight. I you have though about doing T25 or think you might want to do it in the future - DO NOT HESITATE. Get your program today before the price goes up! Comment below or message me on FB ( to find out how to get your copy!

Ok - the review:

So, the week started out with Core Cardio. Since I just told you that I love weights, you would think that I hated this workout. Well, honestly, I was dreading it. But I was pleasantly surprised. The 25 minutes went by really quick and had me dripping with sweat!

Tuesday brought Speed 2.0. I enjoyed Speed 1.0 in the Alpha Phase. It had stretching which was nice. Speed 2.0 was a completely different animal. Shaun T didn't take the time to explain the moves or give you a nice slow start up. We jumped RIGHT in and went hard for 25 minutes. I loved it. Oh, and there's NO STRETCHING!

Wednesday brought Rip't Circuit. I will tell you right now, that this is my FAVORITE T25 workout thus far. It was fun. It was hard. It had some weight training in it. It was a challenge. It stole my heart :)

Thursdays workout was Dynamic Core. The first 10 minutes involved quite a bit of cardio. I must admit, I was disappointed in the first 10 minutes. I don't want to do a ton of cardio on Core days. I know it's important, but I really just want to work my core! After the first 10 minutes, Shaun T stepped up his game and BROUGHT IT! I'll admit, I even had to stop for a few seconds to take a breath sometimes! 

Friday brought Double Day Friday. I don't do double day Fridays cause I need to workout 6 days a week. So Friday I did Core Cardio again. I didn't nail it, but I did enjoy it!

Saturday was the workout I was really looking forward to. Upper Focus. I KNEW that Upper Focus used weights and used them a lot. You already know I love weights. I used 8 pound weights the entire way around. The only time they were a bit too heavy for me was when we were doing the front and side raises. For the rest of the workouts, 8's were just about perfect. I even thought about maybe upping my weights to 10's next time. Well, that was until I feel the day after (ok - two day after) burn. I could barely move my arms! I will be using 8's for one more go around ;)

I am so excited to continue this program. For real. I actually looking forward to working out! And the best part - I am done working out before I can talk myself out of it! Love it love it love it!


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