Saturday, March 30, 2013

Awesome Arms April

Here I sit. March 30th. The day before Easter. How did the March fly by so fast? Seriously. Time needs to slow down!

This past month has brought some serious challenges for my March Total Body Madness group. The ladies have ROCKED it and today they are doing 100 jumping jacks, 25 sumo burpees, and a 2 minute side plank  - PER SIDE!

We decided that for our next monthly challenge, we wanted to work on our arms. Short sleeve weather is just around the corner!

So, as we embark on the beginning of ANOTHER month - I ask you - are you ready to step up to the daily challenge? Are you ready to start making small changes that will lead to bigger changes?

Take 10 minutes a day. Do this challenge for yourself. Imagine how great you will feel on April 30th when you are FINISHED!

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Here's our full workout calendar. Below the picture, you will find descriptions/demonstrations of each of the exercises. I hope to see you in our group!

How to do an Inchworm:

To make the exercise a little more difficult, hold the plank part of the inchworm for 10 seconds!

How to do a plank:

If you want to add a little extra to the plank portion of your workout, add in the hip dips like they do in this video!

How to do a Tricep Kickback:

This move can be done on a stability ball, bench, or even just leaning over while holding onto something. I recommend doing this move infront of a mirror to make sure that you aren't moving!

How to do a Tricep Dip:

This can easily be done with a chair instead of a bench.

How to do a Bicep AND a Hammer Curl:

Watch the entire video and she will demonstrate exactly how to do both of the types of curls we will be doing this month!

How to do an Upright Row:

The trainer in this video is using a bar, but you can easily substitute the bar for two dumbbells.

How to do a Push Up:

This video explains a push up nicely. She gives you many different levels of difficult. It's OK to do pushups on your knees or even on the wall!

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