Wednesday, July 31, 2013

T25 week 2 review

It's the end if my second week of Focus T25. I have to admit it - I LOVE it!

Shaun T keeps it real and fun. Tania is my BEST FRIEND during some of the moves. I couldn't get through it without modifying some of the moves. I can jump most of the time, but every once in a while, I just don't want to test my knees. So Tania is there for me :) Check out her REAL results below! She had a baby via c-section and was sure she would never get her abs back. She was wrong!

One of my favorite workouts is actually the Ab workout. I don't know why, but it goes REALLY quickly for me. I mean, every workout in T25 goes quick because it's ONLY 25 minutes, but the ab workout really goes fast. Plus, I can really feel it in my abs IMMEDIATELY!

My second favorite workout is Lower Body Focus. I know I'm strange, but I LOVE lunges and squats. One of my trouble areas, and one of my strongest areas, my entire life have been my legs. I danced when I was younger and then played soccer for a bunch of years. I have thighs of steel. Steel covered with some blubber. The blubber is disappearing and I'm now comfortable in shorts, but I still love a good leg workout cause I have a ways to go to get chiseled legs!

Another one that ranks right up there with Abs and LBF is Total Body Circuit. I'm gonna admit it. I LOVE BURPEES! So this workout is great for me!

Speed 1.0 is a fun workout because it incorporates stretches after every move. It's *almost* like Shaun T is giving you a rest. Almost.

My least favorite workout is - can you guess what it's going to be??? CARDIO!!! That was a no brainer! We all know that I have a serious aversion to cardio. But it's necessary and it's only 25 minutes. I can do ANYTHING for 25 minutes.

As for results, I haven't seen the scale move much. That is mostly the result of my eating. I haven't been watching my food as much as I should, so of course, the scale isn't moving. BUT - I have noticed that I feel different, especially in my stomach. My abs are really getting a workout with this program. A lot of the focus is on the core. After two kids and on c-section, my abs can certainly use all the help they can get!

Now my TEST GROUP - these ladies are seeing AMAZING results. 7 inches gone in one week?!?! 4 pounds down in a week?!?! They are KILLING this program and LOVING the results!

So - stay tuned for my week 3 review. Hopefully I will have some real weight loss to report. Oh, and remember, TODAY is the last day to order the T25 challenge pack before it goes up to it's normal price of $205.


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