Monday, February 11, 2013

30 day challenger results

All I wanna do is stand up and shout about these results from the roof top!

My challengers in my 90 day "Brand New Me in 20-13" group just got back to me with their 30 day results! The are ROCKING this challenge! The best part is that they are doing this FOR THEMSELVES! They aren't doing it for my benefit. They are doing it so that they can be around for their kids, have more energy, fit into amusement park rides, and much more!

Wait a minute! What are these people doing you ask???

Well, it's not hard - I'll tell you that! These challengers are working out every day, eating as clean as they can (hey - it's not a perfect world!) and most of them are drinking their shakeology daily. 

Are you ready for these results???

In just 30 short days the challengers in my group have lost a grand total of 37.25 inches!

37.25 inches in 30 days!!! 


I seriously CANNOT wait to see what the 60 day results bring! Congrats again guys! You should be grinning from EAR TO EAR!


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