Monday, February 18, 2013

Body Beast begins tomorrow!

I am SOOOO excited! Tomorrow (today) I'm starting Body Beast! I literally can't wait to get up and work out in the morning!

Who'da ever thunk that I would be excited to wake up and workout? Not this girl! But, it's true! I seriously can't wait to go to bed just so I can wake up and work out!

I first heard about Body Beast back in September. I knew that it was a serious weight lifting program. I knew that not a whole lot of women did it. I knew that I didn't want to do it because I thought you *had* to take the supplements with it, and I'm a nursing mom who doesn't like to do supplements. Little did I know then, but you DON'T HAVE TO DO all the supplements in order to complete the program.

Well, now I know and I'm READY to commit to the BEAST! I learned that I absolutely LOVE lifting weights when I was doing ChaLEAN Extreme. I learned that lifting make me feel strong and powerful, not big and manly. It has given me muscles, definition and strength. Oh, and it's helped me to lose 55 pounds! Woot Woot!

Now, with Body Beast, I'm going to be lifting a little bit different and adding A LOT of calories to my diet. I have been holding pretty steady at 1600 calories since I started my weight loss journey back in October. As of tomorrow, I'm upping that caloric intake to 2300 calories A DAY! Holy Moly!

I'm not gonna lie. I'm scared out of my mind! I mean, I just got into the 150's this past Thursday and now I'm UPPING my calories? AM I NUTS?

Well, no, not really. In order for this program to work correctly, we are going to be tearing down our muscles BIG TIME and then I'm gonna have to eat A LOT of the RIGHT foods to help them build back up.

Trust me, I'm NOT going to be eating 2300 calories of Lucky Charms, mashed potatoes with butter, and birthday cake. It's going to be 2300 calories of pure protein (chicken, fish, low fat cheese, beans, etc.), good carbs (whole wheat, fruit, veggies, etc.) and good fats (avocado, coconut oil, etc.).

Something else that is new to me with BEAST is tracking my macronutrients. I need to make sure that I'm getting the correct ration of carbs/protein/fat. In the Book of Beast, they recommend a ration of 50/25/25 for the first 2 phases. I know my body well enough now to know that I will gain A TON of weight if I eat 50% carbs. So, I'm going to back that up to 30/45/25. Hopefully that will work with my body type and allow me to gain muscle and not FAT.

I sat down yesterday and planned out my weekly meals. It was HARD! I realized that I'm going to have to take some type of supplement to help me reach my daily calorie goal. So, I stopped by GNC today to see what they had to help me out. I should have ordered the Beachbody Hardcore Base Powder, but I just wasn't thinking straight, and now I need it, so I couldn't wait for it to be shipped. Luckily, GNC had an all natural (no artificial anything!) whey isolate protein powder. I got Birthday Cake and Strawberry. They have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if I don't like them, or they don't agree with my daughter (still nursing - 8 months strong!), then back they go!

I spent  most of the day today (Sunday) doing meal prep. I made Sagi's Power Meatloaf and his Power Protein Balls. I also got out some chicken breast to thaw so I can make my Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers for lunch and dinner this week. I'll be making those tomorrow! I got some nitrate free/low sodium turkey breast and some low sodium/reduced fat swiss cheese at the grocery store today too. I'm going to be using those as roll-ups for quick protein and good fats. Also on the menu this week is an Ultimate Reset inspired beans and rice recipe. I love having that for lunch. If I get into a pinch and need more protein, I always have my cans of low sodium chunk light tuna in water. Those are great for making Tuna Salad.

So, tomorrow morning (it will be tomorrow already when you read this...) I will be doing Body Beast: Build Chest/Tri. I'm really nervous excited and can't wait to feel the burn!

I will be blogging this week with my "before" pics, weights and measurements. I have everything done except for the pics. It's been a busy weekend! I'll get them done tomorrow (today) - promise!


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