Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TurboFire Exclusive 12 Week Challenge Group

THIS IS SO EXCITING! (yes I'm yelling)

Chalene Johnson, the creator and instructor for TurboFire, announced today that TurboFire is hosting a 90 day Challenge Group set to start very soon!

How soon you ask? Well, we don't know! This is all being kept very quiet!

What is so special about this particular challenge group?

Well, all you have to do is order your TurboFire kit and be ready for when the Challenge begins! Every entrant who submits Day 1, 30, 60, and 90 photos will get a FREE TurboFire water bottle and the GRAND PRIZE winner gets $250 worth of apparel!

I am beyond excited for this challenge and am now revamping my Challenge Schedule so as many people as possible can take part in this TurboFire Challenge Group!

If you have been waiting for a sign to get your butt in gear and get healthy - THIS IS IT!!!

In order to hold everyone accountable, I will create a PRIVATE Facebook group just for this TurboFire Challenge. We will share our daily triumphs, struggles, meals, and anything and everything else that comes along the way. I will help to keep you motivated and I will help you learn how to eat healthier. I will share recipes and I will be right there with you EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY!

We will even have our own little Challenge within the Challenge :)

Take a minute and watch this video to see why so many people are already on the TurboFire fitness train. It's an incredible workout with amazing results AND you get to have a dance party the whole time you are working out - WOOT WOOT!

So my question for you is this...

Does working out bore you? Does working out feel like a chore?  Does the music sound like elevator music? Do you hate getting in your car and driving to the gym just to share other people's sweat? or get to the gym and find out your class has been cancelled?  Do you need motivation even after you have started a particular workout? Want to lose weight? Tone your body? Shed the baby belly pooch? Lower your cholesterol and/or blood pressure (hello your doctor keeps telling you diet and exercise are key components to this one!!)? 

Whatever your reason may be, you have a reason why you are currently NOT working out or why you WANT to work out or possibly BOTH.  Stop battling yourself!!!! I can help you do that - ASK ME HOW!!!!

If you can't handle THE SWEAT, Don't Play with THE FIRE.  But if you're ready to get hot, IT'S ON.  


Chalene Johnson is one of my favorite celebrity trainers.  I started her weight lifting program, ChaLEAN Extreme, in October 2012 and it forever changed my life.  She has several other fitness programs available too - one being TurboFire.  TurboFire is one of the most intense calorie-burning, cardio training classes ever put on DVD. Yep, that is right TurboFire is a workout program that is available on DVD.  You don't have to leave your house to get your SWEAT ON!!!! 

What is TurboFire all about?

Chalene Johnson incorporates HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts - these are known as the FIRE DRILLs in class.  HIIT workouts are 9x more effective than traditional cardio.  There are also kickboxing drills, aerobic exercise, and AWESOME MUSIC.  Each move in the TurboFire workouts are perfectly choreographed to music that's been hand-selected to give you the best workout.  

Motivation is KEY to your workouts, no matter what you plan on doing or are currently doing now.  TurboFire uses the AWESOME MUSIC to keep you motivated (well besides the amazing Chalene Johnson!).  The music is YOUR Motivator during the workout. It's your energy boost! It's what keeps you pushing even after you felt like you had all you can give...but then you find you can still give MORE!!!! You sweat your butt off in these workouts and before you  know it you will see results like you've never seen before...oh and each and every time you are taught in CLASS by none other than CHALENE JOHNSON!! Now you have your very own personal training sessions right in the comfort of you home!! No one has to see you tripping over your feet, no one has to see you sweating like a pig, no one has to see period - besides YOU!!!! 

How is the TurboFire program set up? 
How would I know what to do?

You would need to purchase TurboFire from ME - your BeachBody Coach!!
Not a customer of mine yet, no problem - CLICK HERE!

The TurboFire Workout Program includes the following:

12 Smokin' Hot Classes on 5 DVDs
Fire Starter
Low HIITs: Low HIIT 20 & Low HIIT 25
Fire HIITs: Fire 30, Fire 40, Fire 45, Fire 55
Extreme HIITs: HIIT 15, HIIT 20, HIIT 25
Abs 10
Stretch 10
Quick Start Guide
Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide (great recipes included) 
Class Schedule (full 90 days of which workout to do on which day - makes it so easy!)
Instant Online Access to the first workout
24/7 Online Support


The following women were all apart of a Challenge Group.  These Women are REAL!  What they did was simple - followed a clean eating lifestyle, drank shakeology once a day, and followed the TurboFire schedule (included in their TurboFire packet).  

Click HERE NOW to purchase your TurboFire Challenge Pack - an a la carte pack that includes The TurboFire Workout Program,  1 month supply of Shakeology (your flavor of choice), 30 day free trial to BeachBody Club Membership (oodles of great tools to help you succeed), and free shipping!!!!

Now, let's check out these TRANSFORMATIONS!!!!

Tess lost 7 lbs and 6 inches in 90 days with TurboFire!

Jackie lost 8 lbs and 16 inches with TurboFire!

Melinda lost 18 pounds and 12 total inches

Sarah lost 21 pounds and 15 inches!

Click HERE to become a member of my exclusive TurboFire 12 Week Challenge Group!!

Remember, we do not know when the creators of TurboFire will announce the official start date of the 90 Day TurboFire Challenge so do not delay ORDER NOW!!!

Questions???? Email ME or
find me on FACEBOOK

WE are all busy People!!!!

Looking forward to TURBO TIME WITH YOU!


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