Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've been bad

I'm gonna admit it. I've been bad. I haven't written a blog post in 3 days! That's really unusual for me. I like to write one every day if I can and if not, every other day. I apologize for being a bum!

I haven't blogged too much about my workouts lately. Or my clean eating. Truthfully, January has been hard. My husband's grandmother passed away on New Years Eve. We dealt with that for a week. We buried her on Saturday, Jan. 5.

On the 9th of Jan, we got the horrific call that our two little cousins had been killed in a car accident. It was no one's fault. It just happened. We buried them both on Saturday, Jan 12. Exactly one week after we buried their great grandmother.

All the while I was trying to give P90X a go. I decided that it just wasn't working out. I was beginning to associate the workouts with this horrible time in my life and I didn't want that to happen. Plus, I really missed Chalene.

So, I went back to what I love. I am doing a modified ChaLEAN Extreme/TurboFire schedule and I am BACK! I look forward to working out each day. I continue to push myself to "lift heavy or go home" and I'm now doing rows with 25 pounds in each hand. In fact, I have to use wrist straps to help me hold the weights because my forearms give out before my legs and back! It's kinda cool!

I have also gotten back to my clean eating routine. I am doing my best to eat every 3 hours, without fail. I am making solid food choices. In fact, we went out to dinner last night. Of course, it was to my favorite restaurant, The Texas Roadhouse. The rolls were STARING at me. The were BEGGING me to eat them. But, I didn't. I haven't come this far and worked this hard to give in to a stupid little craving.

I also made the conscious choice last night to order the healthiest thing on the menu that I could find. Grilled chicken breast with some BBQ sauce, a naked baked sweet potato, and green beans. The chicken was DELISH and the baked sweet potato was out of this world. I didn't need anything to sweeten it. It was perfect as is! I ended up not eating the green beans because they put this funky sauce on them and I didn't like it. That in itself is funny to me because before I started this journey, I had to drown my veggies in butter and "good stuff" just to get them down. Now I appreciate them for the goodness that they are all on their own!

Officially I am down 48 pounds since starting this journey on Oct. 1. If you go back to the day I delivered my daughter, I am down 83 pounds. Yes, 83 pounds since June. However, I don't like to go by that number because that was me at my heaviest pregnant weight. I want people to know that I lost this 48 pounds AFTER I had lost all my baby weight. So, yeah. I'm gonna say 48 pounds officially. (the pic below was taken at 45 pounds down.)

There it is. An update on me. I will post pictures for you soon. I just bought a pair of size 10 pants. Yes, I am proud of a size 10. Remember those "new jeans" I blogged about a few months ago? If not, HERE is the post. Well, those were a size 14. I can no longer wear them by themselves. I HAVE to wear my belt and my belt is on the TIGHTEST hole. If I don't wear my belt, then they just fall off even if they are completely buttoned and zipped! If that's not progress, I don't know what is.

So, I am making a promise to you that I will take some pics of me in my new "new jeans" and post them for you. Maybe I'll get to it tonight. I try to get my beachbody stuff done but sometimes playing with my kids is just more important. Our family learned that the hard way this month. I refuse to live with any regrets. I will hold my kids and love on my kids every single chance I get because there is one thing that I know. Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed!


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