Monday, January 7, 2013

Pre- and post-workout fuel

It's no secret. The food that you fuel your body with is going to make the biggest difference in your weight loss and muscle building efforts.  Not all calories are equal and you need to choose the ones that are right for what you are trying to accomplish! I'm not a fitness expert by any means, but I do my research and I will tell you what works for me!

Pre-Workout Fuel

I do my best when I workout on an empty or semi-empty stomach. I also can't drink anything prior to my workout. The drinking thing is more because I gave birth than because I can't handle it, if you catch my drift...

Back on track. If I have to workout in the evenings, eating before my workout is unavoidable. I can't go all day without eating. The latest I will have a full meal before a workout is 3 hours. My body needs that amount of time to digest my food so I don't feel like I'm gonna puke mid-workout!

If I'm feeling like I really need something before I get my sweat on, I will have a banana about an hour before my workout. Bananas work for me because they are quick digesting carbs and help to fuel my workout nicely!

Sometimes, I'll even have my Shakeology before I work out. It keeps me energized and provides my body with all the nutrients it needs!

I know a lot of people swear by Beachbody's Energy and Endurance (E&E) for their pre-workout fuel. I haven't had it yet because I am nursing my daughter and don't want to do anything to jeopardize her health.

Now, if I'm working out first thing in the morning, that's a totally different story. I like to wake up, get dressed, and get my sweat on!

Post-Workout Fuel

What you eat after you workout might be even more important than what you ate before. You just worked REALLY hard. Your body used up its stores of glycogen (stored energy) when you work hard and those stores need to be replaced.

One of the best post-workout fuels is Shakeology. It has just the right amount of vitamines, minerals, enzymes, protein, and carbs to give your body just what it's craving!

Check out this video by P90X, P90X2, 10 Minute Trainer, and Power 90 trainer, Tony Horton. He talks about why Shakeology is the perfect post-workout fuel.

Another great post-workout fuel is P90X Results and Recovery. It is specifically designed to help your body repair the muscles that you worked after a hard workout. Best part, it tastes like a dreamsicle! Who wouldn't want to drink that???

If you don't have any Shakeology of R&R on hand, you want to make sure that you have a balanced snack. You want about 60% carbs to restore your glycogen, 25% protein to help your body start rebuilding your muscles, and less than 15% fat. Your body doesn't need fat after a workout so make sure you keep this below 10 grams.

A few examples of post-workout snacks are: protein shake, low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, whole wheat english muffin with 2 Tbsp natural peanut butter, a smoothie made with milk, yogurt or protein powder, fruit and almonds, a protein bar, egg whites and toast, I could go on and on.

The absolute worst thing you could do is skip your post-workout meal. Your body is CRAVING nutrients and needs them to help you recover!

So, go get your workout on and then get your eat on!!!


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