Friday, December 7, 2012

My 60 day results

I'm sitting here crying as I type this. I guess I didn't realize just how far I have come until I saw these two pictures side by side. I cannot even begin to express my emotions right now - happiness, sadness, embarrassment, joy, pride, and many more!

I was going to type out my story again for everyone, but you can find it HERE and HERE.

It's time for my 60 day pictures. They aren't the best but I think they show off nicely the 38 POUNDS I have lost thus far. While I have a LONG way to go still, I am super proud of just how far I have come ;)

I have to thank a few people for making this journey possible. First, my husband. He gave me the wake up call I needed and continues to support me. Second, my coach Danielle Judd, for messaging me one night and talking to me about my health and fitness goals. She showed me the path to a better me and continues to help me on that journey! Third, my good friend Melanie Mitro, who has helped me and encouraged me along the way. I started out as a participant in her fit club on Tuesday nights and never dreamed that I would gain such a good friend out of the deal. Her encouragement and kind words have meant (and continue to mean) the world to me!

And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to everyone that has been following my story. When I see you out and about, I hear nothing but nice comments about how great I look. You can never even imagine how much those comments mean to me.



  1. Wow that doesn't even look like the same girl! I can't believe how big that shirt is on you!!! Way to go girl! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Thanks Melanie! I can't wait for the 90 day pics!