Friday, November 23, 2012

Beachbody's Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

This is a BIG one! 

Beachbody is putting 7 of their best selling products (6 workout programs) on mega sale! These are great savings and if you love a deal - DON'T PASS THIS UP! The sale and link is scheduled to go LIVE at NOON EST/9am PST.

Click on the picture (at NOON today) to purchase any of the mentioned products at these insane discounts!

These sale products are LIMITED! Do not wait to get your program but make sure to read this entire blog post before clicking on the picture to purchase!

I am starting a TurboFire Challenge Group on Dec. 31. This challenge group is going to have everyone doing the same workout and drinking Shakeology. I'm going to be doing the workouts too! If you want to join me, then this is a great way to get the workouts cheap!

Here's the best part! 

You can combine Beachbody's Black Friday offer with MY Shakeology HD Black Friday offer! 

Wait - Back the train up! 

I didn't tell you about MY Black Friday offer yet??? Well wait no longer!

This is good on Black Friday and Black Friday ONLY! You DO NOT have to purchase one of the Beachbody Black Friday specials to purchase MY Black Friday Special! The free gift is limited to the first FIVE orders to go through!

Offer #1

Order Shakeology home direct (HD) and get $10 back from me in the form of a gift card to The Little Earth Co. or Target AND a FREE GIFT from me!!!

Offer #2

Order Shakeology HD and sign up as a coach and get $20 back from me in the form of a gift card to The Little Earth Co. or Target AND a FREE GIFT from me!!! You must sign up as a coach before purchasing Shakeology HD or a fitness program to get your maximum savings!

I could bore you with all the number breakdowns, but here's what it comes down to:

With offer #1, you will get a savings of $42 when you combine TurboFire and Shakeology HD!
With offer #2, you will get a savings of $55 and change when you combine the TurboFire and Shakeology HD!

Here's how you order! 

Message me on Facebook or send me an email and I'll get you all the information that you need! Heck, I'll even do it for you and Beachbody will send you a confirmation email to seal the deal!

What are you waiting for! Go Shopping!


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