Friday, November 16, 2012

Slim in 6


They did it again! Just in time for Christmas Shopping!!!

The Slim in 6 series is on MEGA SALE! It's not gonna last long. Click on the Shop tab at the top of my blog, click on fitness programs on the left hand side, and then on Slim in 6. All the programs are on sale!

This is the perfect program for those of you that are getting back into working out. It's low impact and easy on the knees!

CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW to take advantage of these amazing offers!

Slim in 6 Deluxe - $79.80

Slim in 6 Rapid Results - $39.90

Slim in 6 - $29.90

Slim in 6 Express - $19.90

This is ONLY AVAILABLE through your Beachbody Coach (me) and is only for a very limited time!

What are you waiting for??? GO SHOPPING!


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